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 Beginner to Advanced English Courses for ADULTS

Improve your Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening, Reading, Writing, Spelling & Grammar

Students can join any course on any day throughout the year

1. Full-time Courses
Mornings from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Monday to Friday
 (5 days a week)
R2 500
per month  One level takes 2 months to complete
Books: R 500 per level  

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2. Part-time Courses  
Monday evenings from  5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
(1 day a week)

 R 2 400 for 3 months (12 weeks)   
 Books: R 500 when course starts
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Workshop  R 650  – 5:00pm – 7:30pm

    Level 1. Starter                    Level 4. Intermediate
                                                               Level 2. Elementary            Level 5. Upper-intermediate
                                                               Level 3. Pre-intermediate   Level 6. Advanced

 Internationally recognized course material includes: students’ book, CD Rom, mini dictionary & homework book

                      3. ONE Week Quick Confidence Builder Course
Course includes General English, Grammar, Tenses and English for WORK

This 1 week course is the most comprehensive and quickest way to learn key phrases & expressions in order to communicate effectively and professionally in everyday situations, and at work.
      Monday  to Friday       9 to 13 October   or  23 to 27 October   
                                              6 to 10 November   or 20 to 24 November 

Monday – Pronunciation & Spelling + Understanding Grammar
Speak English accurately & confidently. Learn pronunciation and spelling rules to
perfect your written and spoken English. Learn about verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives, articles, etc.


Monday to Friday
1:30pm to 5pm
R3 250
Course book free

Can also be done at your premises

– min 10 students

R 650 per course per day
Course Book
R 250

Tuesday – Grammar: Tenses  – Part 1  
Learn the correct usage of all Tenses; e.g. was-were- is-are-will be/ had-has-have-will have/ ate-eat-eats / had-have- will have eaten / had -have-will have been eating, etc.

Wednesday – Grammar: Tenses – Part 2

R 350 per hour
Course Book R250

Thursday – English for WORK 
Spoken as well as written language skills are developed for use in:  Meetings, Reports, Presentations

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Friday – English for WORK         
E-mails, business letters, ordering, enquiries, making travel arrangements, etc.

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4. Preparation for IELTS Test  International  English Language Testing System  
  Weekend Workshops / Monday evenings from  5:00pm to 7:30pm  
   R 650 Workshop – Overview    Books: R 500 when course starts
   Private lessons: R 200  per hour
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5. TEFL for teachers       Monday to Friday  8:30am to 1:00pm or  Monday evenings from 5:00pm to 7:30pm

    20 hour Practical teaching course for teachers:  R2 500 
    TEFL online course  120 hours   R3 500

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6. Private Lessons for all courses  R 150–R 250 per hour     Course dates and courses are subject to change without prior notice

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 All courses, course fees, prices, course dates are subject to
change without prior notice.

 Alternative dates and venues for all courses are available on request